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Studio C Milano is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Milan with an integrated team of international design and marketing professionals serving clients in Switzerland, Italy and Germany. More here.

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God Save the Food foodtruck
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Interior design and development of the corporate identity.
God Save the Food 2nd restaurant
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Interior design and corporate identity upgrade.
The first Vorwerk Flagship-Store
in Hamburg, Jungfernstieg
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The classic direct sales company makes its move to retailing.
The first joint brand appearance of the three business divisions Kobold vacuum cleaners, Thermomix food processors and Teppichwerke carpetworks.
The restaurant has opened!
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For the past months we've been busy working on the launch of this new restaurant here in Milan. Our work includes the overall interior concept, visual identity, website, and some in-restaurant materials like menus and product labels. Naming and copy by Go Srl.
zuhause: Close to you
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The first Vorwerk shops are now in Magdeburg, Bonn, Neuss, Landshut, Kassel and Cologne. Shops that makes you live the feeling of being "home".
zuhause: the making of
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Developing a concept that goes further than a normal store by using home and not retail furnitures.
Display cabinet for the Sportler Shop in Insbruck
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It's open!
The new pigr shop for the Milan furniture fair.
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See the first iPhone pics. The store is located in Milan, Via Clusone, 6 and it's open tuesday til friday from 10H00-14H00 and on saturdays 11H00-19H00.
300 m cables, more than 60 lights
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3 days left
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Pigr shop - The making of
A walk through the atelier
Publication by the EHI Retail Institute
Our new concept store in Zurich has been published in the magazine "stores+shops" edition 01-2010
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The new Global Innovation Report
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Prodir Atelier
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It's a creative interaction between the customer and the product, exploring it and personalizing it. This is why the store is called "Atelier“ (studio). The concept of the "studio“ has been constantly applied to the architecture and corporate identity.
Soft opening
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On the 29th of May the store was presented to the public for the first time. The response was very positive with lots of curiosity towards the multitouch application, especially developed to allow customers to customize writing instruments and pen-books.
The making of
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For the past months we've been working ambitiously on the architecture, the interior, the products, the identity, the website, the multi-touch application and the overall big picture of the atelier, the concept store of prodir in Zurich.
Geomag gift store
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In the known swiss shopping mall and outlet, fox town, we created this boutique for Geomags exclusive gift products.
Another touch to the right
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Point of sale for the producer of watch-bracelets.
This P.O.S. system is used in big department stores and shopping malls as a costumer orientated service point for watches.