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Studio C Milano is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Milan with an integrated team of international design and marketing professionals serving clients in Switzerland, Italy and Germany. More here.

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Be touched by the new QS-collection by Prodir
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Peak and Pattern pens.
Put a ring on it!
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The new ring option on the push button gives the DS9 an indisputably striking look.
The New DS9
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The striking large clip of the DS9 immediately catches the eye. Bold colours, high-quality mix & match options and a clear use of form give this pen distinctive character.
DS8. The new Prodir pen
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The icon of a classic writing instrument. A timeless interpretation of the triangular form in an ergonomically optimised design. Functional right down to the last detail.
Atelier Chair
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The final Atelier Chair has now arrived in the pigr store and is for sale in the shop in Milano or on their online shop. For the "salone del mobile 2012" we also realized a poster with all the technical information to hand out in the Pigr store.
100 chairs / 6 tables / 6 stories
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The Atelier Chair and the Table 9045, two new products exhibited and on sale during the Milano Furniture Fair in Via Tortona 34. Designed for pigr by Studio C Milano; Gabriel Heusser, Christoph Schnug and Harry Schumacher.
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Iron planted on wood.
Tangram table
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This table was designed for the Pigr design shop in Milan, where it will be soon also on sale.
Atelier chair
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The atelier pen-book
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It was a very fun and challenging project to create these themed pen-books. They range from a limited-edition Koi Pen-book to Paired Pen-books to a playful Racing Pen-book, all in exhibition and for sale now in the store.
The "Ready-Made" pen collection
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We gave an entirely new flavor to prodir's already existing writing instruments. A collection of 150 ready-mades, with fresh, contemporary combinations in vivid neon colours through to more subtle, darker shades, like tobacco and cognac.
DS4 - the latest upgrade
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The DS4 was designed in 2005, and 2009 it got its newly-designed push button. The computer generated images created for the 2009 prodir catalog.
The promotional gift award
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Year 2008 the newly designed writing instrument DS2 was prized in gold in the category "Communicative Product".
Innovative mechanism
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The latest writing instrument created for prodir year 2008. The DS2 has an innovative push-push mechanism and has a perfect balance between function as writing instrument and as a promotional medium.
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Twist ballpoint pen with clip secured on one side, slender casing and long nose cone introduced in 2004. The computer rendered images were developed for the 2009 prodir catalog.
Style is revealed in the small gestures.
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DS7, a two-part writing instrument with cap designed by STC in 2000. For the 2009 prodir catalog we developed a for prodir completely new and original way to present the pens. By making computer rendered images we were able to create impossible and unrealistic compositions with super high definition.
The DS6
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Twist ballpoint pen designed for prodir in 1998. The computer generated images have been created for the 2009 prodir catalog.
With or without
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A twist ballpoint pen redesigned for prodir in 2001.
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The little part at the top of the premec's refills have been designed with great attention and care.
Double Bottom
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Design of a writing and dining table
Wash basin
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Turnable wash basin with integrated fitting