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Studio C Milano is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Milan with an integrated team of international design and marketing professionals serving clients in Switzerland, Italy and Germany. More here.

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Libero tutti book
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The 25 April is the italian liberation day, and for that occasion, pigr is coming out with a book and we did the layout.
zuhause 01
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"zuhause" is the new Vorwerk shop magazin. The first edition was produced for the occasion of the opening of the Store in Cologne on April 1st, 2011.
55 cards, carte, Karten, cartes, cartas and other Faces
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content: Faces series by pigr.
Every single one a true piece of art.
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Book for Outils Rubis
*Post for Christmas
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Limited edition book that turns into a Christmas tree.
Sportler Tours Catalog
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Design of the Catalogue of Sportler Tours. The Travel Agency of the South Tyrolian sports retailer Sportler.
Annual pfm: post for money
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64 pages book containing the winning posts on the italian public blog on design, Every month a theme, every month a winner for one whole year. On sale on e-shop.
Photo collage of some pigr' products
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Striking a balance
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Advertising campaign in Zurich
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Write your own story. Create your own pen.
Campaign to let people in Zurich know about the newly opened prodir atelier.
Guerilla action in Zurich
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A newspaper full of space for your own story, handed out in strategic points in Zurich over two days.
Atelier panels
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Like in any atelier, this atelier had to be filled with fascinating artwork. We created 20 large different sized canvases to be placed leaning against the wall through out the store.
Pending is the corporate magazine of Prodir, a place for good, original, unexpected, surprising and entertaining reading. Its fresh editorial style gives its own distinct and recognisable character. Curiosity is its driving force.

The underlying editorial concept follows the company’s philosophy as an international leader in high-quality promotional writing instruments. Prodir manufactures products that companies use to communicate with: three dimensional media that tell their own individual story. In Pending too, Prodir is not talking about themselves. It is the interest in a good story, the pleasure in good design and the ambition to communicate quality in an original way which makes Pending different.

All articles are produced exclusively for Pending. Known authors, first class photography, layout and production are defining aspects of the publication. Pending is distributed to selected executives in marketing and advertising world wide.
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The unplugged campaign 2009
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The prodir advertising campaing follows the theme of the year: Unplugged.
News 2009
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This mailing was sent out to the dealers presenting the news for year 2009.
The unplugged catalog
Every prodir year has a new theme, and according to that so does also every catalog. For 2009 we chose the keyword "unplugged"...

Unplugged from to unplug: remove [an electric plug] from an outlet. Concretely: of, relating to, or being a musical instrument, arrangement, or performance that does not feature electronic amplification or modification; acoustic. Generally: without effects, unfiltered, direct, immediate, uncluttered, honest, authentic.
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8 760 new hours
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A new year, calendar, pen-book mailing from which the dealers also could order their own version. It was made in five different color variations and in five different languages.
Campaign with focus on individuality
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Year 2008 for prodir was a year with focus on individuality. We did the art direction for the images and the advertisings to use throughout the year. The advertising also had to announce prodir's new push-push writing instrument, the DS2, also designed by STC.
Prodir Advertising
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A collection of ads we've developed for prodir over the years.
Strong, black and aromatic
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Using the new CS4 product offered by Prodir, we created this dealer mailing to present the news for 2007. It contained cards to smell, to touch, to fold... all connected and aligned with the news and the theme of the year.
Less is more
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A mailing to underline the beauty of simplicity, a white and transparent writing instrument in a transparent covering
Why choose? Get both.
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A mailing to promote the new writing instrument, the DS4 with push twist mechanism.
Experience the change
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The new catalog of Premec aligned to their new identity, new claim, new website...
World cup in football
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A very appreciated mailing for Prodir presenting their players (products) just in time for the world cup.
Coffee mailing
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This was a mailing sent out to present the special color "coffee" available for writing instrument DS7
How about a little bit more
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Mailing to present the new add-on, the clip cover, for model DS5
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Advertising campaign for Prodir in Switzerland
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Campaign to communicate the new corporate strategy
Black on White
Corporate- and Fair-Design for the presentation of Writing-Refills
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Reflections ...
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Xenia, Jewellery-label, Milan, Italy.
Catalog design for the presentation of the silver collection
Walk Over
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Realisation of a board game for the sales promotion of the P.O.S. System
American Psycho
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Posters and invitations for scenic American Psycho reading.