Studio C
Studio C Milano is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Milan with an integrated team of international design and marketing professionals serving clients in Switzerland, Italy and Germany. More here.

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Awards Logos
Buah. A fruit market online.
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Corporate and Webdesign.
GSTF Website
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Webdesign for the new God Save the Food site.
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God Save the Food - Home page
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Rubis online shop finally online!
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After lots of work and lots of waiting finally the e-shop for Rubis beauty instruments is online and working.
Pigr e-shop now online!
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An e-shop for a selection of original and unusual design objects, perfectly in line with the freshly inaugurated shop in Milan. Now online!
Work in progress
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The multitouch

For the prodir concept store in Zurich we designed a multi touch application to let the clients create and personalize their writing instruments and pen-books.
Atelier website
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A dynamic teaser-site to present the atelier to the public.
The tables are installed
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After many sleepless nights the tables are finally installed and the first testing can start.
Very exciting!
Birth of the widget
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The widget is the little instrument that helps the user create and personalize his pen or pen-book with the multi-touch application. There are 6 different widgets, each one with a specific content of material and tools for a unique creative experience. They are almost alive and can be opened, explored and moved around the interface freely.
A multi-touch project in progress
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Designing a multi-touch configurator interface is a challange of its own.
Here are some of the very first tryouts.
Promoter 2002 - 2009
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In 2002 we created the first version of this application that allows the user to configure and personalize writing instruments. The first three versions came with an installation dvd and packaging. Nowadays the program is available to download for registered clients in the partner area on the website of prodir or as a light version for everybody in the corporate section under "create your pen".
Prodir Website
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A site aimed to both the end-user and the product dealer. Clean and nifty with many ways to discover and explore the products, mainly thanks to a sophisticated online pen configurator.
Premec on the internet
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We took care of the refreshment of Premec's website, aligning it to their new identity and claim we developed at the same time.