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Studio C Milano is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Milan with an integrated team of international design and marketing professionals serving clients in Switzerland, Italy and Germany. More here.

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Premec - floating ball
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Premec Floating ball is the jumbo refills for velvety-soft writing. It exists in three versions;
basic, premium and exclusive.
For all those refills
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Premec needed a neat and nice packaging for their refills and we did it.
Geomag Macef
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Geomag presented their new line of gift products for the first time in Macef 2006. The stand and all the decoration is entirely originated by STC.
Less is more
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A mailing to underline the beauty of simplicity, a white and transparent writing instrument in a transparent covering
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The most important fair for Premec is Paperworld in Frankfurt. We develop the stand along with all the related graphics and printed media for them every year.
Geomag gift store
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In the known swiss shopping mall and outlet, fox town, we created this boutique for Geomags exclusive gift products.
Why choose? Get both.
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A mailing to promote the new writing instrument, the DS4 with push twist mechanism.
How about something special?
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Packaging solution for Geomags' gift collection. Divided into four separate worlds; urban, ocean, desire and earth, each one offers six different alternatives.
Experience the change
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The new catalog of Premec aligned to their new identity, new claim, new website...
Based on attraction
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Both design and decoration for Geomag's various fairs during 2005 when launching their "corporate gifts".
World cup in football
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A very appreciated mailing for Prodir presenting their players (products) just in time for the world cup.
The prodir logo
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The Prodir brand stands for high quality, upmarket design, communication com-petency and writing fun. It stands for authenticity, originality and self-assurance. A clear identity with high emotional added value for customers.
The prodir identity
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A new identity came with new corporate material.
Coffee mailing
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This was a mailing sent out to present the special color "coffee" available for writing instrument DS7
World interiors
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Corporate identity for World interiors